Tesla Destination Charging

It’s Here! Stay…Charge Up…Relax

Tesla Destination Charging

Convenient charging at hotels, restaurants and shopping centers.

Tesla partners with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and resorts to make charging when you arrive at your destination as simple as charging at home. Pull up and plug into a Tesla wall connector to charge your Model S or X while you shop, dine, or even during an overnight stay.

Tesla partners with the Blue Ridge Inn Bed and Breakfast.

The Blue Ridge Inn Bed and Breakfast is participating in the Tesla Destination Charging program, which gives Tesla and other electric vehicle drivers the freedom to charge wherever they want to travel by replicating the charging convenience owners are accustomed to at home (adding 58 miles of range per hour and completing a full charge — 265 miles of range — in just a few hours).  This is just one of the exceptional services we provide to our guests at no charge.  We are proud to be a charging partner of Tesla’s and contribute to the pursuit of sustainable transportation.

Use of the Tesla Charging Station

The Tesla Charging station is located in our back parking lot under the covered carport.  This spot is specifically reserved for our guests driving their Tesla electric vehicles.  Just pull in, plug in and charge.   Only our guests are permitted to use the charger with an overnight stay.  Make sure you indicate your ownership of a Tesla vehicle when you make your reservation, the let your Innkeeper know upon arrival.  We’ll make sure your personal parking spot is reserved for your entire stay. For the months of November and December, use promocode TESLA10 at checkout for 10% off your room rate.   We want to make your stay as easy as possible.  If you are passing through Blue Ridge and need to use the charger, just call and make arrangements ahead of time.  We will provide free charging but ask that you provide a small gratuity to help cover the cost of electricity.

Have Questions?

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